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Mosaic Tile Ideas That Inspire Your Creativity Leave a reply

Mosaic Tile Ideas That Inspire Your Creativity Leave a reply

  • Saturday, 26 September 2020
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Mosaic tiles are rich with color, texture and depth variations. As a result, mosaic tiles are very popular in home decor and design, being used in kitchens, bathrooms, windows

and many outdoor projects. These tiles come in many sizes and styles made from many types of materials.

Just as the kitchen offers many opportunities to use the rich textures of mosaic tile, so does the bathroom. From the floor to the shower, there are many places for mosaic tile
to be used. Aside from basic floor designs and shower tiles, you can do some fun things with mosaic tile in your bathroom.
Use glass mosaic tile to create a semi-transparent wall between the toilet and the walk-in shower. You can also replace small windows in the bathroom with glass mosaic tile to
stylize the bathroom, allow light and retain privacy. Use small sections of mosaic tile to frame where towels hang or on the counter where soap dishes go. Use your imagination
and personal style to use mosaic tile to accent your home in your own way.

Creating a custom kitchen brings many opportunities to use mosaic tile. You can create a large countertop with a basic design or add accent designs along the counter. The
backsplash is an ideal place to highlight a mosaic design because it is visible to anyone walking into the kitchen. It is also functional in protecting the walls. The floor is
another place where you can create a tile mosaic that shows a scene. Using mosaic tile to create a picture of grapes on vines over your wine cellar can complement to your wine

A swimming pool is often the center of outdoor gatherings and fun for most any home that has one. Designing your pool to be more than a concrete water-hole helps make it an
oasis and personal retreat. You can accomplish this look with mosaic tiles. You can use them along the bottom of the pool to create anything from swimming lanes, designating
drops and steps or creating a mermaid design on the bottom.
You don’t have to tile your entire pool with mosaic tile to get the oasis touch. You can use mosaic tile along the splash border of the pool. You can also add mosaic tile to the
floor around the pool, creating whimsical designs that help beautify the area.

Besides these, mosaic tiles are widely used for wall, flooring, backsplash, spa, special decorative etc. Just explore your most endless inspiration for a beautiful life space.

Get contact with Voglus Mosaic design team to discuss your inspirations and ideas. We help you accomplish your art work.

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